Inland Sea of Sound

Video Production

Short Description

The Challenge

Inland Sea of Sound approached Ribbon Gang Media Agency to create an after festival film highlighting the importance of the music, arts, and culture.


Laying out the scenes, sourcing the actors and scouting the locations can only be done when the video has been properly storyboarded. Brijid builds stories. So it's easy.


Heading out into the field to execute a video shoot is one of the more fun parts of the job, but also one of the more skilled. Brijid Media Agencies team, equipment and expertise ensure it is done right.

Post Production

Getting into the studio, editing and piecing the footage together, colour grading and cutting the magic is a talent that can't be taught. Fortunately we have the best team to do it.

Client: Inland Sea of Sound


Type: Storyboard, filming, post-production, editing

The Inland Sea of Sound Festival is one of the leading cultural events of central New South Wales, a major festival of music, arts and culture staged in an iconic location on the original corroboree grounds of Wahluu – Mount Panorama.

Ribbon Gang Media Agency was tasked to create an after festival video that captured the original Australian live music and art from a variety of cultural origins; the culture of the Wiradyuri people, the local food & wine and the local musicians and artists.