Zambrero Waterloo

Digital Marketing

The Challenge

To create regular content on Zambrero Waterloo’s Facebook Business page to target a specific audience to increase their customer base.


When developing websites, the planning phase is often one of the most important. Careful consideration for the end user's experience needs to be managed along with the content management system.


Once planning is complete, designs are signed off and assets are all compiled. It's time to deploy the site.


Ensuring that the website is properly monitored and optimised once live is just one of the services Brijid Media Agency is well known for.

Client: Zambrero Waterloo


Type: Strategic planning, social media management, analytical tracking, reporting

Understanding Zambrero Waterloo’s objectives, we were given the flexibility to be creative with our content to capture the fresh healthy Mexican cuisine, whilst focusing on end goal; to increase the customer awareness.  Working closely with Penny and the Zambrero marketing team. Ribbon Gang was able to utilise the resources of Zambrero marketing and combine with our social media expertise to craft both eye appealing and informative posts for the targeted audience.

Developing regular content for Zambrero Waterloo’s Facebook page, allowed Brijid to see first-hand the positive impression of different posts can have on an audience if done correctly. By targeting various interest groups with regular paid promotions, allowed Zambrero Waterloo to reach a large audience.