Blayney 2 Bathurst

Video Production

Short Description

The Challenge

The biggest road bike event in Regional NSW, Ribbon Gang spun into action to turn around a TVC that showed the beautiful landscape between Blayney and Bathurst, as well as inspired riders to action.


Laying out the scenes, sourcing the actors and scouting the locations can only be done when the video has been properly storyboarded. Ribbon Gang builds stories. So it's easy.


Heading out into the field to execute a video shoot is one of the more fun parts of the job, but also one of the more skilled. Ribbon Gang Media Agency's team, equipment and expertise ensure it is done right.

Post Production

Getting into the studio, editing and piecing the footage together, colour grading and cutting the magic is a talent that can't be taught. Fortunately we have the best team to do it.

Client: Bathurst Regional Council in support of the Blayney 2 Bathurst Association


Type: Branding, storyboard, filming, post-production, TV network dispatch

The Blayney to Bathurst is an annual cycling event held each year in NSW. The race begins in Blayney and takes the back roads around the country side, to then eventually finish at Bathurst’s iconic Mount Panorama.

With thousands of cyclists attending, the stage has now become a qualifying event for various European stages.

Ribbon Gang created a 30s TVC to promote the event across broadcast television that not only needed to inspire viewers to participate in the event and grow awareness, but also convey the beauty of the landscape in the Central West region through which the cyclists will be riding.