Bathurst, Step Beyond, Tourism Video

Video Production

Short Description

The Challenge

Ribbon Gang Media Agency was asked to create a short promotional video, highlighting the beautiful locations of Bathurst and the surrounding areas. The challenge was to create a point of view experience to allow the viewer to see first hand, the beauty of Bathurst.


Laying out the scenes, sourcing the actors and scouting the locations can only be done when the video has been properly storyboarded. Ribbon Gang builds stories. So it's easy.


Heading out into the field to execute a video shoot is one of the more fun parts of the job, but also one of the more skilled. Ribbon Gang Media Agency's team, equipment and expertise ensure it is done right.

Post Production

Getting into the studio, editing and piecing the footage together, colour grading and cutting the magic is a talent that can't be taught. Fortunately we have the best team to do it.

Client: Bathurst, Step Beyond, Tourism Video


Type: Storyboard, filming, post-production, editing

Bathurst tourism contacted us to create an engaging tourism video that captured the beautiful sites Bathurst has to offer. The short video was used for their marketing material targeting people who are over the Blue Mountains to visit Bathurst.

“Follow Me” consisted of a 3-man crew exploring Bathurst, the surrounding areas and what the town has to offer. The aim was to give a ‘point of view’ video experience to the viewer for a first-hand insight into the beauty of the town beyond the Blue Mountains. This included several bars and restaurants, heritage buildings dating back to the 1870’s, picturesque vineyards and sunsets over rolling hills.