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The online environment is a vast world of emerging technologies and platforms that revolutionise the way in which we, as consumers, operate every day.

There are however existing models of digital marketing and communications that we can utilise now and utilise efficiently.

For example, display banner ads can be used to target people with a keen interest in fashion between the ages of 18-34 within a 50km radius to your store. Or perhaps you have a TVC that can be shown across YouTube, or sent out in an email blast. There are many options and even more possibilities.

This all begins by looking at your business. What are your business objectives and goals? We apply this knowledge to what’s available, what’s possible and what’s emerging in the digital world to help market and grow your business.

There really are no silly questions when it comes to digital marketing, because there are simply so many possibilities. This is why, by speaking to one of our experts on digital marketing and its landscape, really is so important.

CAMPAIGN | National Museum Selfie Day

Bathurst Regional Council’s Tourism and Museum department wanted to make the most of an underground cultural trend that has been occurring for the last few years. Occurring on the 18th January, Museum goers are encouraged to take fun, creative selfies with artwork on display from all over the world.

With a limited budget and a younger audience as our target demographic, we utilised Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram combined with custom filters, hashtags and video content to create mass awareness and engagement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The event was a huge success, with a wide range of engagement across all 3 social platforms. Additionally, attendance was up year on year and has been widely praised as a very successful event.

CAMPAIGN | You’ve Got Mail!


Gunthers Lane, an Australian first initiative from Reliance Mutual Bank, is an experiential technology hub setup to benefit the local community and expose the region to a wide range of technology otherwise unavailable or unknown to many.

Today, technology is very broad in it’s meaning and encompasses a lot of different hardware, software and services. As such, Gunthers Lane, runs a number of varying events to cover off on everything available and to help the community use and understand them.

Communicating this information though can be difficult and time consuming because not all events are geared towards all community segments. In this regard, email marketing is used to effectively and efficiently provide the right events to the right audience. Monitor RSVPs and attendance. All with the click of a button.

Bathurst Young Professionals event at Gunthers Lane

CAMPAIGN | Social Media and Search Engine Marketing


Shift Report, an online digital reporting platform (built in conjunction with Brijid’s team of backend web developers) for the hospitality industry was launched in 2016. With a marketing funnel focused on online acquisition, it was important for Shift Report to get as much awareness through search engines and social media.

The national campaign focused on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to ensure any potential customers looking for the new website were able to quickly and easily find the site.

This was coupled with an online content campaign across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that creatively portrayed the benefits of the platform and key propositions.

Launching to coincide with Shift Report’s attendance at the Australasian Hospitality and Gaming Expo in Brisbane, the campaign was a huge success with a number of sign-ups and many more leads.


Search Engine Marketing, the ability to pay to appear (also known as pay per click) in search engine results such as Google. Reach new audiences and optimise your campaigns with intelligent campaign management and creative copy writing.


Social Media, widely regarded as the most engaged and engaging platform with which to communicate with your customers. Our experts can help plan, manage and run content, as well as paid advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more.


Quickly and easily contact your user base with a custom designed email template. Track who opens it, when and where they open their emails. Follow it up with reminders or put live information in the template to tailor it to individual people. Email marketing is a must.

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